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The newborn’s preferred feeding bottle

The new wide-necked “Intuition” feeding bottle from Tigex is perfect for facilitating the transition from breast to bottle. Guaranteed Bisphenol-A free, this feeding bottle made from polypropylene comes with the new wide-based teat which reproduces a feeding rhythm comparable to that observed on the breast.

Our testing mums liked:

  • the wide neck making filling and cleaning easier
  • the disk and screw ring sealing system, for easy and efficient bottle mixing and to facilitate storage and transport
  • the hourglass shape of the bottle making it easier to hold
  • the wide-based AIR CONTROL teat so baby’s lips are in a similar position to on the breast while swallowing less air for easier digestion
  • the non-leak lid

The Intuition feeding bottle is available in 150 ml and 300ml and fits all standard bottle warmers and sterilisers.

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